Something new...

I’ll tell you a little secret. I don’t like manmade objects in my photos. I have no Idea why, but there it is. Maybe I feel it takes a bit of the wildness out of the wilderness? Who knows. It can, however mean that I set unnecessary limits on myself that really do impact on my photography.

Last week the weather wasn’t great but it was time for a day in the hills. I’ve been taking it easy for a while since an injury to my foot at my last job has caused me quite a bit of pain & I felt that strapping on a heavy pair of boots would probably make it worse. When you’ve had enough though, it’s time to do something about it.

And Echo was in dire need of a decent walk.

Now as we all know, you’ve got to be sensible about these things so I made the decision to head up to Haweswater. It’s an area I know pretty well but I've never walked into the hills immediately behind the carpark. A quick check of the map showed Smallwater Tarn, just a short distance out & promising some decent views? Well, sometimes you don’t know till you get there. The weather forecast was promising sun with cloud, so I was in with a reasonable chance of some nice sunset light anyway.

We got to the carpark to find it nearly deserted. After putting on my boots and fitting Echo out with her harness (there’s a lot of sheep in the area) we headed off. Theres a good path all the way up (In fact its more like a six lane motorway - once you fall into it you can’t get back out!) so the going was pretty quick and we were soon on the final uphill struggle to get to the tarn. However I was having a couple of little issues; Echo wasn’t happy as she was on the lead the whole way. Theres a few too many sheep around to let her off. She’s scared of sheep but they don’t know that and more importantly neither do the farmers. And the weather. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Pretty to look at but really boring in photographs. However I had notice some really nice waterfalls on the walk up ….

The Tarn is really pretty. its quite photogenic but without the light I couldn’t make it work for me. Then I saw the shelters. On the far side of the Tarn there are four small stone shelters made from the local stone. They’re only big enough to sit a couple of people and could be anything from hundred to a thousand years old. Unfortunately repair work has been carried out on the pathway that leads to them, making it a lot more visible than it should be, but that’s the way it goes in an area as heavily visited as the lakes.

After much leaping around, I found my view point and got my shot. Echo was really bored now & the temperature had dropped quite suddenly so I decided it was time to go.

On arrival at the car, I noticed a few little wisps of cloud over where we’d come from. Oh well that shot’ll wait for next time ( along with the waterfalls!)

The next day however, my foot REALLY hurt!

Stone Shelters.jpg