Same place, different view!

So, after my last post I decided I wanted to try for a few other shots in the same area. I’d seen these but hadn’t had the chance last time, the light was wrong, the camera had a headache, Echo had run out of sticks… you get the general idea. and off we went. As always I checked the weather forecast and paid absolutely no attention to it as its rarely right. I don’t worry about this, after all I grew up in Scotland. This means that a day trip in June involves anything ( including a team of huskies on one occasion but that’s another story) so I pack everything & head off.

For once, I was wrong. It was sunny with just the right amount of cloud to make it interesting and Echo & I headed up into the hills. And stopped after about 300 metres. Because I’d seen a shot that I’d noticed last time and completely forgotten about. The sun was in entirely the wrong part of the sky but I figured it’d be worth a go so here it is!

Smallwater walkin.jpg

As you can see its got potential but I don’t like the slope in the foreground. I decided to wander about a little & see if I could get a slightly different perspective on it, maybe a different viewpoint etc. I had a couple of other reasons for this ; I was hoping the sun would move over a little and more importantly Echo, who was REALLY unimpressed that the walk had been cut short for more camera time, had found a stick ( I have no idea how she does this!) So we waited.

An hour later, the midges appeared.

The stick broke.

I hadn’t found a composition I was happy with, the sun hadn’t moved (in fact was probably worse than before) So I called it quits on this one & headed for the waterfalls.

A blossoming tree at one point provided me with something a little different, so I went for a long exposure using a 3 stop nd and a polariser. That made it 10 seconds at f16, just enough for the water to whiten without getting too misty.

I don’t think I can improve on this one!


By now I was getting eaten alive so we called it quits. The midges definitely had us outnumbered.

However, you can see for yourself! I’ve resurrected my Youtube channel and there’s a (very) short video showing Me & Echo and all we get up to. There’ll be a lot more over time so please hit subscribe to follow us!