The Lakes at Lastlight

Having had a reasonable amount of success last time I tried to shoot an apres sunset shot, (ok I may have made that term up!) I decided to try again. Given that I love mountains & wilderness so much, I decided to head up to the lakes at the start of the week and basically see what happened. As I’ve mentioned before you never quite know what you’re going to get with long exposures in low light, it can be madly spectacular or just not! There’s really only one way to find out.

So, on Monday I headed up to Tarn Hows. Those of you who’ve been on my one to one days will know that I’ve spent a lot of time there and photographed it in all kinds of weathers which in this case was ideal. I wanted to try something different and didn’t want to be distracted by a completely new set of surroundings. in this case familiar was definitely better.

Echo & I got there at sunset. this was a little later than I’d wanted to but the the traffic had been an absolute nightmare and at one point I didn’t think I’d make it at all! we parked up at the top carpark and headed straight up to the viewpoint. This point offers amazing panoramic views outwards Coniston old man, the Langdales and the whole surrounding area. It was getting dark at this point so after a hurried set up, I got the first image shot. However, when I looked at the screen I realised notably was it darker than I’d thought but also, the light was terrible. This was a bit of a problem as cloud cover was getting pretty heavy and if the exposure was too long, it could wipe out that section of the image altogether. I settled for 30 seconds & made the decision to sort white balance etc in post. I put in a heavy grey grad to help with the sky, recomposed & took the shot.


This may come as a surprise, but I’ve never shot a square image! Also, it’s a new view of an area I’ve shot a hundred times (at least!) It also got me thinking a bit more creatively……..


And this was the result! I’m really pleased with this, as most of you know I’ve got a real thing for black & white landscapes and the long exposure has given this a real pen & ink wash painting feel. I think that this is down to the fact that it was a ten minute exposure. I could probably have run it for longer but Echo was getting bored, it was pitch black & definitely time to call it a night.

Technical stuff; ten minutes at f11 iso100 for the b&w with a 3 stop grad to bring in the sky. The square shot was 30sec at f11 iso 100, with the same grad, both shots processed through Lightroom .

That’s it for now, as always feel free to comment, share etc!

Cheers all!

Ken & Echo